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With an eclectic blend of culture, food and history, it's hardly surprising that Tel Aviv has become a touristic hotspot for every kind of traveller. Old sandstone juxtaposed with Bauhaus style buildings; a buzzing nightlife and an array of gorgeous beaches - Tel Aviv has something for everyone.

Tea at Fairouz, Jaffa

Gazoz at Cafe Levinsky 41

1. Thai House

2. Ouzeria

3. Shakshukia

4. Abouelafia Bakery

5. Sabich Tchernichovsky

6. Fairouz


From mouth-watering street food to cutting edge modern restaurants, Tel Aviv has the best of all worlds. A particularly unique offering and a personal favourite is the sabich: a traditional Israeli sandwich with fried eggplant, hard boiled eggs and fresh vegetables stuffed in a pita, which makes a surprisingly delicious and cheap meal! Another must is the Triple at Abu Hassan: a portion of hummus (arguably the best in the city), ful and masabacha served with pita, raw onions and hot sauce.

Small plates at Ouzeria

A beautiful storefront in Neve Tzedek


The city is characterized by an innovative creative landscape – with museums housing world-renowned artists, to alleyways covered with art by local street artists. Taking in the sights and sounds at Levinsky Market is an insightful cultural experience. Old shops, opened by immigrants from Argentina, Iran, Arabia, passed on generation after generation, sell everything from salted fish to nuts, dates to olives. Timeworn locals tote their own bags to buy spices, and small neighborhood watering holes are packed with locals.

Alleyways of the Artists Quarter in Jaffa

1. Levinsky market

2. Neve Tzedek

3. HaCarmel Market

4. Walk along the Promenade on your way to one of the city’s gorgeous beaches

5. Artists Quarter

6. Walk around Florentin to see some beautiful street art

Nahum Gutman mosaic fountain

The Ilana Goor museum houses art, sculpture, furniture and painting, with beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea

Building details in Neve Tzedek


While Tel Aviv is young, Jaffa is one of the oldest ports in the world – one that’s been around for 4,000 years. Get lost in the Old City, with its characteristic Middle Eastern atmosphere - where you’ll find a museum housed in an 18th century building, and flea markets selling carpets and old furniture, amongst other things. Tel Aviv's 'White City' – home to more buildings in the Bauhaus architecture style than any city in the world, is emblematic of its history. Around 1000 buildings have been preserved, earning the area recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Bauhaus Centre runs a tour every Friday at 10am.

Bograshov Beach from the Promenade

Kitchen at the Ilana Goor Museum

1. Ilana Goor Museum

2. Artists Quarter, Jaffa

3. Nahum Gutman Fountain

4. Sarona Market

5. Bauhaus Walking Tour

by Nishika DSilva

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