Neter is an ancient Egyptian term that stands for 'meaningful living'

We dream of a world where people are encouraged to live lives that are driven by meaning and purpose. Lives that are ignited by simple, meaningful activities rather than frivolous, mindless ones. Neter, for us, is meaningful living. The reason we do what we do. And an attempt to drive our collective life experiences towards a greater purpose. 


An audacious dream to see millions of artisans around the world live their passions more sustainably. A deep desire to build a more thoughtful buying movement for today’s socially conscious consumers.


To build a design-led brand co-created with the global artisan community. An effort to help passionate makers live better lives - lives with beauty, lives with meaning, lives with Neter.


Neter is our attempt to seek truth and meaning in our lives. It is our guiding light and raison d'être 



We are a design-led brand reinventing heritage art forms to create timeless objects of beauty


We work with maker communities and ensure that the pains of their slow labour are adequately rewarded