Neter is an ancient Egyptian term that stands for 'meaningful living'. 

We are a mission-driven luxury home goods company. Our mission is to change the way the world views handcrafts and rejuvenate ecosystems of hand-making in India and around the world. We work with artisan entrepreneurs, cooperatives, small businesses and non-profits to bring elevated design to outstanding craftsmanship.


At Neter, we dream of a world where people live lives that are driven by meaning and purpose. Neter, for us, is our raison d’etre – and a journey towards more responsible and sustainable production and consumption around the world.

We work with the best design talent to bring elevated design to outstanding craftsmanship.



We work closely with a distributed network of artisans so you can create seamlessly through us.


We vet all our maker partners, ensuring that our artisans work in safe environments and are adequately rewarded.


India’s history of craft

goes back over 5,000 years, to civilisations that cohabited and cultivated this Earth much before us. Elements like stone, clay, metal, wood, yarn and leaves were first discovered for their functionality but were slowly crafted into objects of beauty. This long standing relationship with craft forms the backbone of India’s heritage, with each region strongly influencing the crafts that emerged from there.

We at Neter are

constantly inspired by the stunning complexity yet simple elegance of handcrafted goods from around the country - be it heirloom weaves woven on back-strap looms in Nagaland, handworked metal from a 400 year old coppersmith community in Pune, a 300 year old glass mosaic craft from Rajasthan, or the simple silhouettes of hand thrown clay on a potters wheel from a potters’

town in Khurja.

Craft was never

meant to be mass produced or created by machines. All our collections are designed keeping this sentiment in mind. We work with talented designers from around the world and take inspiration from tradition while keeping the core of the craft intact. We co-create directly with artisan communities to evolve products in forms and formats for the modern, global, eclectic audience.


Neter is my raison d’être. An attempt to drive all of my life’s experiences towards a greater purpose. A dream to see millions of artisans around the world live their passions more sustainably. A mission to build a more thoughtful buying movement. A small step towards a big goal. To help people live better lives - lives with beauty, lives with meaning, lives with Neter. Thank you for supporting us. You are now fellow change makers in our journey - with every purchase you will contribute to increasing earnings of our artisan partners. In your little act, you have unlocked great potential.